Stephen R. Foley, Buffalo NY Attorney, Education & Experience Stephen R. Foley, Buffalo NY Attorney, Education & Experience Stephen R. Foley, Buffalo NY Attorney, Education & Experience

New York Personal Injury and Accident Attorney

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In courtrooms across New York State and from his office in downtown Buffalo, Stephen R. Foley champions the legal needs and rights of injured people. He focuses on—

As a personal injury attorney in New York, Steve Foley takes pride in holding corporations and insurance companies responsible for the injuries they cause in the lives of people who live in New York. He has based his practice of law on the principle of fair and just compensation for individuals and families who suffer from traumatic injuries from accidents caused by corporations, companies, and other individuals.

As an accident attorney, he offers and delivers aggressive and dedicated commitment to every element of compensation and relief available under the federal and state law. Steve is your source for clearing all the legal and financial challenges and problems associated with your accidental injury. His colleagues and office environment bring comfort to the stress and confusion of your personal injury situation. With experience and reliability, he cuts through bureaucratic hassles and gives you answers and results.

If you have been injured and want to know how you can pay your bills and get on with your life, trust his New York accident law firm to take your case from pain and confusion to resolution and compensation. You can begin with a free consultation and no legal bills until your case is won.

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Stephen R. Foley, New York personal injury attorney, welcomes you with a free in-person initial consultation to begin the legal aspects of your recovery from personal injuries. From slips and falls to collisions with snowmobiles, Steve and his personal injury lawyers in New York give you comprehensive legal help to restore your financial health. Call 716-200-1487 or toll-free 866-675-1062. You can also inquire through the online form on his contact page. Let him hear from you today.