New York Personal Injury Litigation

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Buffalo personal injury lawyer, Stephen R. Foley, champions the rights of personal injury victims throughout New York.

He and his colleagues focus on—

  • Motor vehicle accidents:  When you need a personal injury lawyer in New York to help you secure the full compensation you need to restore your health and livelihood, Steve and his colleagues have the wide range of experience you need.
  • Motorcycle accidents:  We understand the complications involved when a motorcycle comes up against a larger vehicle on the road.  Many catastrophic injuries caused by motorcycle accidents result in permanent injury that requires a lifetime of expensive care.  Steve has extensive experience representing motorcycle accident victims, enlisting the aid of accident reconstruction engineers and biomedical engineers to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the accident to build effective cases for his clients.
  • Construction and workplace accidents:  Construction workers perform some of the most hazardous jobs in the nation, but construction and workplace accident litigation can be very complex.  Accident law firms in New York must be knowledgeable in all local and state laws and must be adept investigators to build solid cases for their workers.  Steve investigates all the possible causes and potential effects to arrive at the legal recovery and compensation you need to restore your life.
  • Premises liability:  Anyone responsible for buildings or other property is required by law to keep the premises reasonably safe.  If you are injured in an accident caused by unsafe premises, you need personal injury lawyers.  In New York, you can count on Steve, his colleagues, clinical professionals and to work together to pursue your case with prompt, professional and personal care.

Get legal representation from a personal injury lawyer in Buffalo, New York

Stephen R. Foley, New York personal injury attorney welcomes you with a free in-person initial consultation to begin the legal aspects of your recovery from personal injuries.  Contact his downtown Buffalo office at 716-200-1487 or toll-free at 866-675-1062.  You can also inquire through the online form on his contact page. Let him hear from you today.