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New York Accident Law Firm

How to evaluate an accident law firm

Nobody in New York needs additional stress after suffering accident injuries.  But, when those injuries were caused by the carelessness of someone else, victims have a choice—they can pay their own expenses out-of-pocket, or they can pursue compensation from the parties who caused the accident.  After taking care of all immediate medical needs, choosing from the numerous accident law firms in New York is the next critical step. 

What to look for in an accident law firm in New York

Many law firms offer a free initial interview that allows them to assess a case—but, this is also the time to determine if the lawyer is compatible and has the skills needed to give your case the best handling.  The following are a few key factors to assess:

  • Experience:  Naturally, the law firm you choose should have extensive experience in pursuing compensation for accident injury situations similar to the one you experienced.
  • Track record:  You can ask the attorney to provide information about cases similar to yours that they have litigated successfully.  These can include successful insurance settlements, out-of-court settlements, or jury trials.
  • Resources:  Accidental injury cases are often challenging to prove.  The law firm you choose often needs access to experienced investigative resources and expert witnesses to provide forensic and other evidence to support your case.
  • Compatibility:  As you talk with an injury attorney in New York, make sure he or she understands what you are communicating—and that you understand what the attorney is saying, as well.  If you expect to have many questions along the way, or even if you just like to keep well-informed, make sure the attorney or knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and respond quickly to your phone calls.

And, of course, the law firm needs a detailed understanding of all local laws that affect your case.

A thorough knowledge of accident law

New York state accident laws can be very complex. Your law firm must understand how local laws address such issues as proving liability, determining degree of fault for all involved parties, and the amount and type of compensation that can be pursued.  Make sure the attorney you select has extensive experience.

Make the right choice of New York accident law firms

Stephen R. Foley, New York injury lawyer, welcomes you with a free in-person initial consultation to begin the legal aspects of your recovery from personal injuries.  From slips and falls to collisions with snowmobiles, Steve and his colleagues give you comprehensive legal help to restore your financial health.  His New York accident law firm looks forward to your toll-free call—locally at 716-200-1487, or toll-free at 866-675-1062.  You can also inquire through the online form on his contact page. Let him hear from you today.