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Five ways our firm can help

If you recently suffered a personal injury, then you are probably under a great deal of stress. Finding a Buffalo personal injury law firm is often a chore people put off until they begin to heal. However, retaining the right counsel quickly is important, because your lawyer can immediately begin gathering evidence if another party was responsible for your injuries. That can make all the difference in winning your case.

Stephen R. Foley, Esq. can help you in numerous ways, including the following:

  • We inform you of your legal options. The period directly after a serious injury can be confusing, frightening, and overwhelming. You are attempting to process a great deal of information from a number of sources, such as friends, family, and insurance companies. Steve Foley informs you of your legal options clearly and simply, so that you can make an educated and prudent decision.
  • We build a stronger case. If you do not have a background in accident law, you may not know how to best present your case to a judge or jury. With hundreds of millions of dollars won for thousands of clients, you can feel confident that we are intimately familiar with every aspect of New York injury law, and can effectively use that knowledge to your benefit.
  • We negotiate for more compensation. Making the wrong deal with a defendant or insurance company may mean inadequate financial compensation for your pain. Buffalo injury law firms such as ours negotiate for a fair recovery, and typically obtain more in damage settlements than a client can do alone.
  • We litigate your case, if needed. As aggressive advocates for clients, we have a successful track record. We do not back down from tough challenges, and our reputation precedes us in the courtroom.
  • We appeal your case, if needed. In the unlikely event we are unable to get good results for your case, all is not lost. There is always the possibility of an appeal, which we have won many times for clients. After an unsuccessful trial, we discuss the next course of action with you, because we are determined to provide the most dedicated services in injury law.

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Our New York accident law firm can help resolve your case. Stephen R. Foley and his personal injury attorneys in New York give you comprehensive legal help to restore your financial health. Call his downtown Buffalo office at 716-200-1487 or toll-free at 866-675-1062. You can also inquire through the online form on his contact page. Let him hear from you today for a free consultation.