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Support from insurance company tactics

Every day, individuals are injured when the negligence of someone else causes an accident.  While accident victims deserve compensation for the expenses related to their injuries, a personal injury lawsuit, in most cases, is not needed.  Particularly when injuries are relatively minor, an insurance claim may be all that is needed.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not represent the injured individuals—their primary interest as a business is to save money, and they employ many tactics to meet their goals, including the following:

  • Denial of fault:  If a claimant does not produce irrefutable proof that the insurance policyholder was responsible for an accident, the insurance company may attempt to deny the claim.
  • Signing a release:  Insurance companies often require claimants to sign a release prior to issuing payment for a claim.  Signing this document indicates the claimant agrees the insurance company is responsible for no further payment.  If the claimant experiences later complications from the injury, he or she has no further recourse.
  • Unacceptable settlement amounts:  A common tactic is for an insurance company to tempt claimants with speedy settlement—often less than the amount needed to compensate accident victims for all expenses associated with their injuries.
  • Delayed payments:  The opposite extreme is for insurance companies to delay payments, often subjecting claimants to seemingly endless questioning, and other tactics in an effort to avoid paying the claim as long as possible.

Personal injury law in New York

New York personal injury laws serve to help ensure cases are fair to all individuals involved in an accident. But, even when injuries are relatively minor, it often makes sense to let a personal injury law firm in New York handle the negotiations associated with insurance claims. Even individuals who handle their own claims should consider enlisting the help of an experienced attorney to review any documents before providing the final signature that can end the case prematurely.

It is important to note that an insurance claim does not always provide the compensation needed for accidental injury.  Personal injury law firms in New York can advise you when a lawsuit or out-of-court settlement is a better approach for your case.  Stephen R. Foley has an extensive understanding of personal injury laws in New York state—this knowledge is critical in helping you making the important decisions for your case.

New York personal injury law firms ensure the best possible results from insurance claims

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