New York Accident Lawyers

Misconceptions about accident lawsuits

Victims of accidental injury immediately face dealing with the physical aspects of their injuries.  The experience typically begins in the emergency room, and serious injuries may require hospitalization, surgery, extensive physical therapy, and even psychological treatment.  During rehabilitation, victims may also suffer a fear of the legal process that may ensue if their accident was caused by someone else's negligence.  Much of this fear occurs because the victim does not understand the legal process.

The truth about an accident lawsuit in New York

Many misconceptions exist about the difficulty of pursuing a lawsuit.  Here are some of the most common misunderstandings:

  • When someone has caused my injury, I must take the matter to court.  In many cases, you can receive fair out of court settlement.  If your injuries are not extensive, and if your expenses do not extend significantly beyond medical costs, an insurance claim often pays all your out-of-pocket costs.  For cases that are somewhat more complex, your attorney can often negotiate a fair personal injury settlement with opposing lawyers.  But, complex cases often do require lawsuits to pursue full compensation from a jury decision.
  • I can handle my own case.  If you sustained little more than minor cuts and contusions, you can typically file a simple insurance claim for expense reimbursement.  But, for any type of significant injury, even an insurance claim is best handled by a New York accident lawyer who can negotiate a better settlement. And, if you need to negotiate with opposing attorneys or take the matter to court, retaining an experienced injury attorney in New York is critical to the success of your case.
  • I cannot afford a lawyer.  In fact, you can afford a skilled, experienced attorney—as long as you choose one who does not requirement payment until you case is won.  To further ensure affordability, you should not have to pay for the initial consultation.

Call a skilled accident lawyer in New York

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